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You are invited to download T/Maker with no strings attached. Feedback is always welcomed. Passing a link to others is appreciated. If you come to a point where you want to help the cause and are happy to do that, you can use the button at the bottom of this page.

There is a tutorial built-in, but reading the home page carefully and looking at all videos (home page and tutorial videos) gives a better perspective. T/Maker is more a "watch and learn" than a "read and learn" sort of application. The tutorial does have some information which is not covered elsewhere. There are some examples included in the download. Good ideas for templates are welcomed. I can post new ones as they get created on the Examples page. I will also fix problems quickly if they occur. There are advantages to having just one person who understands every piece of the puzzle. I will start a log when the first one occurs and keep a list of fixes. Everyone is welcome to return for an update now and then.

This version is currently set with a maximum of 26 columns and 200 rows. There are examples to play with and modify. You can also fetch a screen to play with in the Teach Me Menu. And you can start with a blank screen if you like. Most everything is simple. A little practice getting used to the calculation trail syntax is the best way to spend your time. The other stuff can be mastered in minutes. You should be able to import data from a spreadsheet you may be using now via CSV format.


Since T/Maker requires the JRE (below) in addition to the program and support files, I have to anticipate that some people will find some frustration somewhere. If you ran into a problem and solved it, I would be happy to add a description to this page. This is somewhat new territory for me as all my previous products were for Windows only and had no requirements beyond that. I have, of course, run the program on a Mac as well and it worked fine. So far, I have not seen a situation where a properly installed program does not run with an installed JRE.

There are many videos on YouTube to install the JRE or JDK. I suppose you would want to search for "How do I install the java JRE for [your computer and operating system version]?"  The difference between the JRE and the JDK is that the latter also includes the development kit for writing java software. There are also instructions that will pop up from a Google search. I presume the persons and organizations writing these instructions know more about the process than I do. Nonetheless, I have documented what I did below which worked fine. Once you have the JRE or JDK, you will be able to run other java programs you may find online.

Java Runtime Environment  (JRE)

T/Maker is written in java and runs on Mac / Apple Computers, Windows, and a number of other platforms. You will need to install the Java Runtime Environment available from Oracle at no charge if you don't already have it. The link I used is below:

I obtained the one for Windows (x64) which I am running on a 10 year old machine with Windows 7. There appears to be one for earlier processors (x86). I could not use it on my old Windows XP machine that's about 25 years old. It would not install.

On the Mac I used, a JRE was already installed. But the machine was set to not allow running programs other than those obtained at the Apple Store.  To solve this problem:

1. I went to System Preferences. Then to the right of the General tab, I clicked Security & Privacy.
2. On the dialog box that appeared, I clicked the image of a lock to allow changes.
3. I then clicked the option to allow apps from "Anywhere".

I had previously  tried a technique that claimed to allow a single program to be designated as exempt from the general restriction. It involved the use of the <Ctrl> key. Unfortunately, it did not work as explained for the machine I was using.

T/Maker does not communicate with the internet in any way. There is no tracking, self updating, or whatever. There is one menu item to fire up your browser to the T/Maker website.

The Download

The file to download is a compressed zip file  ( It contains:

1. TMaker.jar  (the executable java file)
2. Some resources used by the above (mostly cursors)
3. .tmkr files which are example tables or tables used in the tutorial

Windows: Create a new folder (say, C:\tmaker). Use a right mouse button on the the download line below and select "Save As" to put the zip file in the new folder you created. Then, after the download, use another right mouse button on the downloaded file and choose the "Extract All" option. To run the program, double click the file TMaker.jar in the list of files extracted. There should be somewhere around 70 files in the directory after the extraction. You might also wish to create another directory to store your own tables. It can be selected with T/Maker's "Save As" menu item in the File menu.

Mac: A click on the line below put the zip file in my download directory in a folder named TMaker. From there I just found and clicked on the TMaker.jar file and it came up running fine. I did not need to ask it to extract the files. That appeared to have done automatically. If not unzipped with all files extracted, the correct cursors will not appear.  Download

Windows: use a right mouse button on the desktop and choose to create a New / Shortcut. Browse to find the TMaker.jar file, click it, and OK. You should then have an icon on the desktop you can double click to start T/Maker.



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My account at PayPal is for my crossword game, so it will show the company name as WildWords Game Company. Unfortunately, I have few games left. That site is should you wish to verify the association.

Set the amount as you wish from $5 up in the "Price Per Item" box that will appear. Extras appreciated, but any payment at all is optional.