Tutorial Demonstration Videos Of This And That (to be expanded and improved)

Some demo videos use the name "MightyMath" which was a dumb idea.

Quick Trip: Data, Trails, Formats, Lines, and Graphs Screens
Notice the similarities between the screens and how the same approach is available with all of them. As far as calculations go. A simple solution is used here for a simple problem. The full syntax allows a variety of ways to get the job done. The roulette simulator, for example, uses direct cell references (e.g. B4) which is the sole approach of most things called a "spreadsheet." Just got a microphone so this these videos are getting sound as I go through them.

File and Options Menu

Descriptions of what the items for these two menus do.

Misc. Menu and Colored Numbers

Some useful operations and an explanation of the colors of calculated values.

Lite Assistor For Trail Symbols
Creating trails by editing, painting, or filling areas and a quick look at the dubugger.

Assistor With All Trail Symbols
Function buttons and other items on the big brother of the Lite Assistor.

Common Tools On All Screens
Tools on the main toolbar that you can use on all the screens.

Trail Syntax (other useful ways to specify calculations)
Constants, memories, relative row references, and column sprecific memories shown.

The Debugger
This is a tool I am especially fond of. It allows you to walk through any or all of your trails to see exactly what's happening showing you precise moments of time in the calculation of your table. You can even see recent references to cells and memories.

Many, even most, tables have blocks of rows that are all subject to the same calculations. With a little care, you can set your table up so that specifications other than the  typed data can be added automatically by T/Maker. This is a big time saver and you can do it with confidence. (There is a second trail to calculate column averages that I forgot to show.)

WHEN Clause Assistor
Adding logical conditions to distiguish what should be done.

Exporting / Importing Data
Exchanging data with other programs and picking up data from web pages.

Here's a collection of graphs that are easy enough to make in a moment of curiousity or inspiration.

Things you might not expect could be done by T/Maker:

A table that offers up random multiplication problems
While lines are mostly for nice print-outs. You can show them (optionally) on the data screen to direct attention. Also notice in this little application that messages are put in trails to signal something to the user. A trail is so much more than a fromula.

An optimal stategy roulette simulator: one win and done but what to risk and how much to go for?
Getting too greedy is a problem. Watch carefully. As the desired winnings increase, a wipe out becomes more common because you can cover fewer bets with the same amount of money. The bets must be bigger.